• Public Architecture and Planning
    In striving to create an architecture of the senses, it becomes necessary to confront and engage multiple boundaries within the study and practice of architecture. Of critical importance is the process of 'making'. With our own hands, we put physical shape to our model and paper designs. Without the hand of the designer shaping the piece, the practice of architecture becomes mere direction, with the architect only suggesting a vague possibility, not 'making' a conceptual and physical connection.
  • AJA Architecture and Planning
    AJA Architecture and Planning is an award-winning design firm with over 25 years of experience in the Resort / Hospitality / Entertainment / Residential design markets. Our breadth of projects spreads from the Adirondack Mountains to the scenic Hudson Valley, and into culturally-rich New York City. For more information visit www.AJAarchitecture.com.
  • Open Studio Pty Ltd Architecture
    Open Studio is a Melbourne-based architectural practice established in 2005. The studio works across different scales and typologies but has a special interest in bespoke residences and artists’ studios. Many of the projects are located in heritage sensitive areas or in delicate natural environments where a considered analysis of context and site is critical. While Open Studio does not have a predetermined style, there are key themes that appear throughout the work, such as simplicity, natural light, a sense of place and materiality
  • Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning
    Architecture | Interiors | Planning At Forum Phi it’s more than just our name that is a little different. We genuinely take pride in making your experience fun and unique. We have gathered a dynamic team that is curious by nature, leading us to develop an unconventional process and discover unexpected opportunities. Our product is your smile. We know it sounds simple, but we are listening. Join our team and experience how we are Different by Design.
  • Planned Living Architects
    www.plannedlivingarchitects.com.au Experienced and creative team specialising in well-considered homes in coastal and rural areas
  • Kennerly Architecture & Planning
    Established in 1999, Kennerly Architecture & Planning is a San Francisco-based design firm practicing architecture, interior design and master-planning in urban and rural environments. Their projects include single family homes, multi-family infill developments, and complex mixed-use and commercial buildings.
  • The Plan Collection
    At The Plan Collection, we are driven by the simple idea that great house designs should be affordable and readily accessible to everyone. We offer homeowners, prospective homeowners, and builders more than 20,000 house plans selected from leading designers and architects. Learn more at www.theplancollection.com
  • Ecoweber Plans
    http://www.ecoweber.com/woodworking-projects-plans/ selling 1600 easy plans and fast cool projects for beginners, DIY and for people who are having a hobby to work with wood.
  • party planning
    We make event planning fast and easy! Events take too long to plan. No one ever says “Wow, that look less time than I thought it would. And it was so easy!” The responsibility for events often falls on the plates of already-busy people who are not being compensated for the task. We want to make event planning fast and easy for everyone.
  • Open Design
    Internationally award winning industrial design firm
  • Open Form
    Open Form is an architectue firm based in Montreal.