• Look Up
    A new online print gallery, and a platform for promoting artists who explore and celebrate the creative potential of geometry, line, pattern and colour. Based in London, we offer limited edition affordable prints by established and up-and-coming artists – ideal for discerning collectors and beginners alike, wherever in the world you call home.
  • SoCal Living
    Looking for Luxury in ALL the Right Places.
  • Ema Wieland
    Looking everywhere for inspiration.
  • Greg Tom
    Looking for ideas for modern living
  • Amanda reid
    Looking to build a home soon
  • Maks Mononoke
    I'm just...looking for clues☕
  • Friend of Watson
    Looking for Friends http://fow.ai
  • Yoon Jeawoong
    looking for design that will lasts next 100 years and more.
  • Adrian Salas - Luxury Real Estate Agent in Austin, Texas
    Welcome to my Dwell page! I invite you to contact me if you're looking to buy, sell, invest, or lease real estate. 512-589-2677 or at salasrealtygroup@gmail.com
  • pulltab
    The architectural firm pulltab specializes in residential design including apartment renovations, townhomes, penthouse additions, roof gardens and furniture design. The studio creates warm environments using natural materials. While strident modernists, architects Melissa Baker and Jon Handley respect historical precedent and continually strive to look outside set perspectives. Pulltab’s finished designs fulfill the functional needs of a space and imbue sensory and emotive qualities. New York, New York www.pulltabdesign.com
  • Adam Robert
    I am a husband and father looking for a barn conversion in Indiana
  • Skargaarden
    Danish company Skargaarden was founded in 2008 and produces furniture that is designed for leisure. The brand emphasizes that its line of chairs, sofas, tables, and accessories are meant for enjoyment and relaxation, rather than stressful or mundane activities. As a contemporary Scandinavian brand, Skargaarden has its roots in the minimalist Scandinavian furniture from the 1950s and ’60s, especially in its use of bentwood and teak. But the brand is also forward-looking, and designs furniture with its own DNA—it features intricate details and shows its expert craftsmanship without being overly complicated.
  • alan williams
    Working at BudgetPetCare to look after lovely pets.
  • Chyna Geib
    Photographer interested in moments and always looking for inspiration.