• Jenn-Air
    Jenn-Air makes luxury kitchen appliances known for their sophisticated design, innovative technology and exceptional performance. Jenn-Air first became known for creating the legendary downdraft cooktop in 1961, as well as for bringing convection cooking into the home. They now make appliances for the entire kitchen, from powerful professional-style ranges to stylish built-in refrigerators.
  • Rabbit Air
    Founded in 2004, Pasadena, California-based Rabbit Air has dedicated its time, energy, and resources to perfecting a product that improves quality of life: the air purifier. Rabbit Air’s undivided attention and dedication to air purification is the reason it continues to be a successful, fast-growing company. The company creates products that are not only functional, but also complement modern lifestyles. Both attractive and unobtrusive, Rabbit Air's products are innovative and elegant, and are designed to enhance daily life.
  • Open Studio Pty Ltd Architecture
    Open Studio is a Melbourne-based architectural practice established in 2005. The studio works across different scales and typologies but has a special interest in bespoke residences and artists’ studios. Many of the projects are located in heritage sensitive areas or in delicate natural environments where a considered analysis of context and site is critical. While Open Studio does not have a predetermined style, there are key themes that appear throughout the work, such as simplicity, natural light, a sense of place and materiality
  • air sweet air
    Art platform, gallery, public art, art of engagement, social media, experimental.
  • Look Up
    A new online print gallery, and a platform for promoting artists who explore and celebrate the creative potential of geometry, line, pattern and colour. Based in London, we offer limited edition affordable prints by established and up-and-coming artists – ideal for discerning collectors and beginners alike, wherever in the world you call home.
  • Air Richelieu
    Visit our website http://www.airrichelieu.com/
  • IQ Air
    Just having graduated from England’s Cambridge University, Frank Hammes, Klaus’ son, decides to join the family business. Having grown up with air purification all his life, he shares his father’s passion for clean air. After successfully promoting, a cabin air filter for Mercedes-Benz automobiles in North America, Frank turns his attention to fan powered room air cleaners. What he finds is a large discrepancy between consumer room air purifiers and large commercial air cleaning systems. While the commercial systems are large and expensive, they are also very effective. The smaller consumer room air purifiers on the other hand turn out to be ineffectual. The decision is made in 1994 to develop a new kind of air cleaning device. It would take Frank and a team of Swiss and German engineers four years of intensive research and development to build the world's most effective line of compact air purifiers. In the spring of 1998, the first IQAir system rolls of the new production line of the Swiss factory. Initially only available in Europe, the HealthPro Plus receives its first major recognition in September of 1998. Europe's leading product testing organization, Stiftung Warentest, finds the HealthPro Plus to outperform all its competitors in one of the most comprehensive air purifier tests ever devised. In 2000, IQAir air purifiers finally become available to the United States. They become an instant success with allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Clouds Air
    Clouds Air can help your business by increasing your visibility in the search engines such as Google. Increasing your exposure can grow your customer base and generate higher revenue. Our experts can accomplish this through effective link building, optimization and SEO audits. Clouds Air can help your business go from obscurity to exposure in the search engine results by using the power of search engine optimisation(SEO).Our experts can accomplish this through effective link building, optimization and SEO audits. Contact the team at Clouds Air who are all digital marketing experts. http://www.cloudsair.com