• Linus Bike
    Linus, a bicycle manufacturer based in Venice, California, creates bikes inspired by French design of the 50s and 60s that preserves the simple elegance and pure form of that era, but has all the benefits of modern comfort and reliability. www.linusbike.com
  • Todd Houser
    Architecture, Sustainability, Cycling and Fitness
  • Bike Trader Online
    An E-bike can be a worthwhile investment. Not only are they great for fitness, but they are also ideal for traveling around the city on the days you would like to save money on gas or avoid traffic altogether.
  • Bamboo Bike Studio
    Our story is rooted in a personal and professional appreciation for bicycling— the best solution to simple, self-propelled, affordable (and enjoyable) transportation we’ve found, meeting the needs of a world burdened with dwindling resources and an ongoing climate and energy crisis. We add to these intrinsic benefits in two ways: first, by teaching our students to build their own bicycles, from scratch, establishing an active, self-invested relationship between person and product. Second, by employing bamboo, a renewable, fast-growing resource and a performance-positive alternative to steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, as our frame material. Eco-friendly and technically premium, bamboo enables our students to do the previously impossible: fabricate a bike frame in just one weekend.
  • Linus Kron
    Culture and the great outdoors!
  • Public Bikes
    Public is a San Francisco-based bicycle and gear company that designs and sells urban bikes. Accessories, baskets, bags, and other gear are available to make riding more enjoyable, practical, and chic. Each European-inspired bikes comes in multi-speeds and in all sizes.
  • On Your Bike
    Are you looking to buy folding bike? On Your Bike a famous bike store based out of London, Birmingham and East Grinstead. We sell wide range of different bicycles for various known brands. We also provide bike rental and repair service. Visit our website http://www.onyourbike.com/folding-bikes.php for further details.
  • Simon arundel
    Mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing
  • ElectricBike2018
    Best Electric Bikes 2018 - for premium quality electric bikes, e-bikes for commuters and the best battery powered bicycles of 2018 go to - http://bestelectricbike2018.com
  • Oliver de Abreu
    We are Miami's most loved, fastest growing bike shop, MTB, Road, Fixies and E-bikes Specialist. We provide sales, service and rental. Dropby our store at 3001 SW 27th Ave. Miami, FL 33133 or call (786) 409-2663 or visit SunCycling.com for special offers!

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