• Space Division
    Space Division is an Auckland-based architectural practice that aims to actively contribute and positively impact the lives and environments of its clients and their communities by producing quality space.
  • Swell Spaces
    We design commercial interiors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our modern spaces encourage creativity, play and hard work. Founder and principal designer Hannah Ruskin believes every space should be functional, beautiful and leave you feeling inspired.
  • Contempo Space
    www.contempospace.com | Modern, customizable storage furniture. Designed and Made in New Jersey, USA, each piece of Contempo Space furniture pursues beauty without ever sacrificing utility That is to say, we make good looking furniture that will also hold quite a lot of stuff :)
  • Space4Architecture
    Space4Architecture is a New York based full service architectural firm specializing in residential, custom retail and hospitality projects.
  • Molla Space
    Molla Space believes that function, form, aesthetics, originality, innovation, and contemporary spirit are all elements that should be discovered through every product collection. The company's range of products includes lighting, home accessories, office accessories, personal accessories, electric home appliances, decorative art, and furniture.
  • Space Design
    Floral and landscape design, interior stylist
  • Creative Space
    Development and design company
  • Space/craft
    Architectural and interior design
  • SPACE International
    The boundaries of our world are continually shifting. Whether these territories are economic, political, physical or social, the contemporary contexts in which they are established are constantly being reorganized, at an ever increasing pace. SPACE International is an award winning architectural practice dedicated to producing innovative, perceptive designs in our rapidly evolving and expanding culture. Since our inception in 1998, Our mission strives to heighten the experience of our built environment through situated works of architecture, landscape and interior environments. The portfolio of SPACE International bridges a wide array of types and disciplines, revealing the diverse cultural and artistic influences which initiate each project. From civic and commercial spaces to private projects; new developments to renovations and restorations, SPACE International thrives on crafting specific design strategies tailored to the unique opportunities discovered within each individual project. SPACE International continues to be recognized in the global design community for its creative work and commitment to the promotion of architectural and cultural discourse through academia, lectures, exhibitions and publications. Recent acknowledgements include a 2010 AIA Honor Award, a 2011 Los Angeles Architecture Award, as well as inclusion in the 2011 Conde Nast Innovation and Design Awards program.