• Vera Specialty Concrete
    www.verafloor.com Verafloor provides premium level concrete applications to the design, contract and discerning home and business owner. Operating throughout the United States. Please contact us to discuss your project or design... we specialize in decorative concrete floors, water features, exterior facades, vertical wall applications and terrazzo.
  • Twentinox
    Twentinox supplies metal curtains as facade covering around the tower.
  • Superstructures NYC
  • Studio Peek Ancona
    Studio Peek Ancona creates architecture through the interdependency of art and technology. Experience of local and international projects allows global resources to address aesthetic, functional, and financial considerations. Projects range from homes built with the exclusive use of sustainable materials to civic buildings combining high-tech structure and innovative natural facade systems.
  • Advanced Architectural Metals, LLC
    Advanced Architectural Metals, LLC is a manufacturer and installer of maintenance-free Architectural Trim and Metal Exteriors. AAM produces metal architectural trim in heavy gauges using painted or anodized aluminum, steel, copper and zinc. These products include cornice and concealed gutter systems, rake, parapet cladding, wall panels and many other categories of architectural trim and facade work. Our products can be manufactured in up to 20' long pieces.
  • Swisspearl
    Swisspearl is the leading European manufacturer of cement composite facade systems for quality, high-end architecture.They are worldwide leaders in coloration technology, façade "know-how" and system competence for reinforced cement panels specially designed for rain-screen cladding applications, with their ventilated façade system. The conceptual possibilities of a wide range of products, aspects and colours and the reliable long lasting façade solutions are famous in Europe, where Eternit Switzerland has delivered more than 15 million square meters of asbestos-free cement composite façade products since 1990. All products are fully tested with long term weathering tests before they are brought to the marketplace.
  • Synthesis Design + Architecture
    ynthesis is an award-winning contemporary design practice exploring design at the intersection of Performance, Technology and Craft. Challenged with the mission to explore and redefine the relationship between form and performance, the office explores methods of informing design through technological means. The design trajectory and ethos of the office is rooted in balancing both the experimental and the visionary with the practical and the pragmatic to achieve the extraordinary. With over 20 years of collective professional experience the office has established an impressive and diverse portfolio of buildings, facades, infrastructure, interiors, installations, exhibitions, furniture, and product design. Founded in 2011, our work has already begun to achieve recognition for its forward-thinking and design excellence with over twenty design awards and numerous publications at the local, national, and international level. Our diverse team of multidisciplinary design professionals includes Registered Architects (Colorado, Arizona, Holland, and Jordan), designers and computational specialists educated, trained, and raised in the USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Portugal, China, Jordan, Iran and Taiwan. This diverse cultural and disciplinary background has supported our expanding portfolio of international projects in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Russia, S. Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China.