Upgrade: Home Extensions, Alterations and Refurbishments

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"We often hear that we live in a time that has no respect for the past: that ours is an era that disregards the architectural qualities of previous eras in an often flagrant way. But the huge array of rebuilds, conservation projects, and thoughtful extensions existing today suggest otherwise." 

And so begins Upgrade, a new title from Gestalten that goes on to illustrate exactly this point through a series of engaging anecdotes and stunning images of renovation projects across Europe. With a focus on preservation, it looks at thoughtful transformations that range from extensions on rooftops to factories converted into holiday retreats. Each of the projects honor the structure's past in some special way—building around it in a way that respects the original character, structure, or materials.

Photo by Giuseppe Macciché, Courtesy of Gestalten

Publisher: Gestalten