Nuvitron Bluetooth Sound Machine

Nuvitron Bluetooth Sound Machine


From one lover of music to another, we present The Bluetooth Sound Machine, Nuvitron’s tribute to the history of audio development. Meet Bell, the unique, handcrafted speaker that faithfully chronicles the evolution of sound reproduction. 

Equipped with an old-school sound waveguide, a bold, 19th century steel horn tube and present-day bluetooth technology, all in a handcrafted wooden case. The audacious design of the Bluetooth Sound Machine is only equaled by its strength and functionality. The sound waveguide is measured to intensify the sound and maintain its tonal quality. The dazzling, handcrafted steel horn is paired with a neodymium speaker to naturally amplify higher frequencies. 

But while Bell is a sophisticated piece of technology, its use is made easy through bluetooth connectivity and an auxiliary input. Just turn up the volume and feel the warm and beautiful tone of Nuvitron’s Bluetooth Sound Machine. 

To fully appreciate this marvelous achievement, you’ll have to see and hear it yourself.

Photo Courtesy of Nuvitron