Nanimarquina Bicicleta Rug

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Indoors or out, the Nanimarquina Bicicleta Rug offers unexpected texture and an avant-garde look...from an entirely unexpected source. The rug is made entirely out of the rubber recycled from the inner tubes of bicycles in India (more than 130 of them, as a matter of fact). All in all, Bicicleta presents a truly stylish way to recycle, renew and reuse. 

Tradition made contemporary. That is how Nanimarquina approaches the production and design of each of their distinctive, award-winning area rugs. Nanimarquina rugs range from natural and understated to modern and dazzlingly vibrant. No matter how avant garde the designs (or innovative the materials used to make them), all Nanimarquina rugs are made using time-tested methods and tools of hand-crafting.

Photo courtesy of Nanimarquina