Mepal Duo Lunch Box

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Smarter desk lunches ahead.

The conundrum with packing a Not Sad Desk Lunch is how to pack one without it taking up your entire backpack between the container, utensils, and any number of small jars for toppings, dressings, and the like. This clever lunchbox solves the problem of too many jars, thanks to the built-in storage space hidden in the lid of the container. Pack your sandwich or salad in the main container, then pop open the lid to store a handful of cherry tomatoes, a roll or a couple of rice cakes, and a fork and knife (because there’s no easier way to make a desk lunch feel instantly civilized than real cutlery). The lunchbox also comes with a mini container for dressings or toppings that also fits inside the lid compartment. The base is microwave-safe, and the whole thing is freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and a strap fits snugly over the lid to keep everything sealed in, so you’re not crying over spilt salad in your bag.