Magna Lake 4 by Hamish Robertson Print


A series by Hamish Robertson that calls into question "a viewer’s initial perceptions." 

Taken in 2017, this six part series explores the textural, intricate details of nature that often go unnoticed. The subject of each photograph feels otherworldly and unnameable, and incites a desire for further exploration. 

Each work is printed using a fine art quality digital glicée technique on heavyweight, archival-grade pearled paper. Printed as limited runs of 30 per size, each work is signed and numbered by the artist. Available in five sizes, either framed or unframed. 

Hamish Robertson is an English born, Los Angeles based photographer whose work focuses on the intersection of memory and coincidence. His work has been shown in the Whitney Museum of American Art and several internationally renowned galleries.

Photo Courtesy of TRNK