In Patterns: Marimekko

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In Patterns: Marimekko, published by WSOY, explores the colourful history and present of the design house in a new way, showcasing Marimekko's design gems and their creators from the early trendsetters to the masters of today. The book's rich imagery illustrates the decades of Marimekko's patterns and how a sketch turns into a printed fabric. Additionally, the book takes a closer look at the ideas of the designers through introductions of Marimekko's 'mothers' and interviews with the younger generation. The editors of the book are Maria Härkäpää, Sami Sykkö, Annukka Arjavirta and Minna Kemell-Kutvonen.This soft heart-shaped holiday ornament is made of cotton and covered with the Juustomuotti pattern in black and off-white. Printed in Helsinki.

Photo Courtesy of Marimekko