Hygge Supply Large Cottage

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The Hygge Supply Large Cottage is inspired by the same concepts as the Hygge Supply Homes but offers an option on an alternative scale. Designed to be versatile and economical, the Large Cottage can be delivered as a standalone accessory dwelling, or can be purchased in combination with other units to create a primary residence or vacation home. 

The Large Cottage comes with the option of six different floor plan layouts, and each cottage is delivered as a kit to be constructed on-site. Clients will work with a local general contractor in their area to determine construction and labor costs. All materials, cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and finishes are included in the overall pricing. 

Clients will select colors, finishes, fixtures, and any upgrades at the time of contract/purchase. There are no substitutions or replacements as each unit is designed to accommodate all features included in the homes.  

Photo Courtesy of Hygge Supply