Foscarini Gregg Tall Table Lamp

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Inspired by Pierro della Francesca’s egg, the Gregg Tall Table Lamp from Foscarini is a blown glass piece designed to conjure both an ancient and modern aesthetic. Designer Ludovica+Roberto Palomba brings their philosophy of creating objects that immediately invite interaction through their intimacy, significance, and durability. The minimalist base underlines this philosophy as it elevates the form above with a clean shape. In the creation of the piece, the designers were intrigued by how glass transforms from liquid to solid. They sought to capture the material’s purity, eccentricity, and freedom through the blown glass process. Master glassblowers transform the molten material into a soft, organic form. The form is acid-etched, giving it an egg-like character that speaks to the symbolic nature of Pierro della Francesca’s eggs. A lamp inside shines through to the acid-etched surface to create a diffused ambient glow made to appreciate from no single viewpoint in mind.