Click & Grow Wall Farm

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The Click & Grow Wall Farm is an indoor vertical garden that grows fresh herbs, fruits and leafy greens all year round and hyper-locally. 

Our innovative technology makes indoor gardening a breeze. Our products will help your plants grow faster and more nutritious - all without pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances. Thanks to our unique Smart Soil technology our vertical gardens can easily be integrated into every home, restaurant, school, grocery store, or office. 

Our Wall Farms come with a full set of plant capsules. You get a choice between 4 kits specifically selected by our gardening team to help you get started with your indoor garden: 

  • SALAD KIT: 18 lettuce, 9 chili pepper, 9 red basil, 9 tomato, 9 chives capsulesHERB KIT: 9 lettuce, 9 leaf mustard, 9 parsley, 9 thai basil, 9 oregano, 9 bloody sorrel capsules
  • FLOWER KIT: 18 busy lizzie, 18 petunia, 9 cornflower, 9 lavender capsules
  • TEA KIT: 18 wild strawberry, 18 peppermint, 9 lemon balm, 9 garden sage capsules

Additionally, a monthly subscription of two 9-packs for $51.90 is automatically added to your Wall Farm purchase. Our subscription system is the easiest way to keep your farm fully stocked with new plants: you simply have to log in to our member’s area to modify your plant choices, delivery schedule, payment details or even cancel the subscription.

Photo Courtesy of Click & Grow