Carpyen Lineal Biblo Table Lamp

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The Lineal Biblo LED Table Lamp was developed as a way to illuminate multifunctional work spaces and library tables. Crafted from aluminum, this table lamp is offered in three different sizes and finishes, and features a thin shade that houses the LED light source. Easy to assemble, this fixed table system is supported by two metal stems that attach to the table and are secured by two sandwich rings. The driver can be individually assembled under the table. When illuminated, light shines downward providing task lighting ideal for working and reading.  

Carpyen Lighting is a contemporary lighting company founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1948. Their minimalist, timeless, Made in Barcelona designs feature smooth, clean lines and take inspiration from the lively, original, cosmopolitan city. From the sculptural, eye-catching Nura 2 LED Pendant Light to the elegant, functional Nirvana Mini Table Lamp, Carpyen's fixtures are vibrant and high quality.

Photo Courtesy of YLighting