Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Box + Subscription

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The only thing we rely on more than salt and pepper in our kitchens is olive oil. Olive oil is our right-hand man. Sweating our onions, frying our eggs, drizzling our ricotta. It's high time we (and you) give olive oil its proper due.Farmers in Puglia have been growing olives for centuries to produce some of the world’s finest olive oil, and with Especially Puglia’s Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Box, you can be part of the proud tradition of olive oil-making while supporting the local farmers and producers who keep these time-honored methods alive. Included in your gift box are:

-One 3-liter can of fresh, single-harvest extra virgin olive oil produced on a family-run, organic farm

-A ceramic olive oil cruet with funnel, made by Puglian artisans, to decant your oil

-An adoption certificate for your tree, detailing where your olive oil came from (You can even adopt in someone else's name, if you like**)

-And a handmade wooden gift box.

For the true olive oil-lover, choose the Gift Box with year's subscription: you'll receive the initial gift box plus a 3-liter tin of olive oil every 3 months, each shipment from a different olive grove (for a total of four 3-liter tins.) Your pantry will always be stocked, and your bread will never be happier.

Photo Courtesy of Rocky Luten/Food52