Abode Mini Door/Window Sensor

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Abode's Mini Door and Window Sensor is a perfect compact accessory to any smart home security system. The mini sensor works well for both windows and doors, and is compatible with Alexa.


  • The sensor uses abodeRF for a very long range and enhanced battery life, and can be easily installed and detects whether a door or window is opened based on the position of the included magnet.
  •  Battery life under normal operation is expected to be 4 years and the abode system will alert you if the battery is getting low and needs to be replaced. (The sensor includes a 3V, CR2450 Lithium Battery.) 
  • The Mini Sensor is 2 1/16″ long, 1 1/8″ wide, and 3/8″ thick and comes in classic white

Photo Courtesy of Abode and Amazon