291 Shed & Studio Design Photos And Ideas

The family is able to share their love for music thanks to an in-home performance space.
A Wellington, New Zealand, couple loved their neighborhood of Berhampore, but found that with two young sons, they were running out of space. They called on Parsonson Architects to devise a solution, which came in the form of a 183-square-foot studio in the backyard of their two-bedroom Victorian cottage.
Although the pint-sized sauna has a footprint of 62 square feet, tiered benches maximize space.
Inside benches were constructed out of western red cedar.
The interiors of Iglucraft’s saunas are wrapped in aspen, and they’re available with electric or wood-burning heaters.
Now, there’s an office space and a sauna inside a small backyard shed, which delivers privacy to occupants. The materials and oversized window visually connect the smaller structure to the new facade of the main building.
The walls of the nest room "are custom-designed panels with a linear stitch pattern (to mimic the groove patterns in some of the millwork) that follow the curvature of the wall," says Thomas. The cozy spot suits many different needs: it can act as dressing room, clothes storage, media room, and extra sleepover space. A custom-made felt curtain allows for privacy or connection as needed.
The back half of the pavilion features a deep bench—the perfect space for extra storage, reading, and a pull-out bed.
Electrical switches in the interior are a mix of hanging switches—in the corner of the studio beneath the "vault"—and exposed mountings. This low-cost solution complements the raw materiality of the interior.
The spaces were adapted to suit the modular nature of the plywood cladding. The lids used to clad the walls of the studio are 80x120cm, while those used for the flooring of the mezzanine level are 60x80cm.
Untreated fir lines the interior of the sauna, which faces a stunning view of the island landscape.
A former playhouse is now a guesthouse with a bathroom.
Isabelle's hideaway is tucked within the back wall and includes one of the original windows. While covering a window is not a traditional design move, it added natural light to the small space and gives it a tree house–like feel.
The built-in nook is the perfect spot to read, while the shelves mimic the shape of the hideaway staircase on the left side.
The simplicity of Ballard Garden Studio makes the space feel larger than its 360 square feet, and allows it be versatile for a variety of uses.
Anchoring a multi-family property in Chula Vista is a 1,200-square-foot garage that Ramiro Losada-Amor of Modern Granny Flat transformed into an ADU for Jorge Cuevas Antillón and Ruben Martínez. The garage door is from Coastal Garage Doors.
For the time being, Cori does her painting in the dining room. “Eventually we’ll build a studio here,” she says. “But for now, because we eat outside most of the time, the dining room it is.”
Off of the kitchen, the screened porch helps transition from the indoors to the outdoors, with the artist studio nearby.
A small, dilapidated 10' x 12' neighboring structure was brought back to life and is now used as an art studio and guest cottage with a Murphy bed. In total, the property can sleep 10 people comfortably.
A covered terrace and studio nestled beneath the structure is also included in the sale.
Leaded-glass windows continue into a turret-like sitting area above the home's main entry. The tranquil space is currently staged as a seating area but could also serve as a sunny studio.
A minimal palette of materials—oak, concrete and glass—allows the unique design of the barn to shine.
In the 1,300-square-foot barn, 400 square feet serve as a workspace for the architects’ firm.
A new addition to Sea Ranch’s enclave of utopian homes, this structure (and the separate guesthouse seen here) clad in rough concrete and Cor-ten steel seamlessly blends in with its half-a-century-old California neighbors. Designed by the dean of the Woodbury School of Architecture and the head of the University of Oregon’s architecture department, its spaces flow into one another underneath an angled plywood ceiling and illuminate built-in furniture crafted from vertical-grain Douglas fir.
Many of the rooms provide direct access to the backyard area. The vaulted ceiling and expansive windows and doors allow the interiors to feel much larger than its actual size.
The property features a total of three bedrooms, all of which can easily be converted into various spaces such as a home office or studio, depending on the buyer's needs.
A new shed/workshop space was design and built in the backyard.
The screened porch functions as the building’s primary bedroom, creating a cabin-like experience.
"We slid perforated metal screens in between the boards so that the screen porch still keeps the insects out, yet you get that dramatic feeling of the light coming through the spaces in the boards," says Faulkner.
The play of shadows is created by the two different wall systems: the interior framework, which is made from salvaged wood, and the new reclaimed redwood exterior.
A look at the 600-square-foot studio. The open space offers beamed ceilings and is a blank canvas for the new homeowner.
On the left, stairs over the sauna lead up to an elevated lookout on the right. Beneath it is the bathhouse.
A glimpse of the raised garden beds and a thriving avocado tree. The firm used Australian cypress pine for barn doors, walls, surfaces, planters, seating, and decking, for its resistance to rot. "It can be plunged into the ground and, if used in large enough sections, yields a kind of chunky appeal," says Hill.
The room received new sliding doors to access the new exterior deck and get corner sight lines to the meadow, as well as new wood wall coverings and carpet.
A look inside the detached structure. More glass-inset blocks brighten the small space, staged only with a few pieces of Wright-designed furniture.
A 264-square-foot annex is located near the rear of the lush .73-acre lot. The open space could be used as a guest house or studio.
The couple also built an outhouse for the bathroom area.
Owners can opt for a furnished home with built-ins like the bench seat pictured under the window. The design is highly customizable for a bespoke home.
One of Abodu’s Scandinavian-inspired homes is outfitted with sleek furnishings under a cathedral roof. Decking and landscaping are optional add-ons.
There is even an exercise studio that would make any minimalist happy.
Music is one of the family's passions, and this barn was built with family jam sessions in mind.
Shondi and Dash enjoy the new sun room space, which now provides the perfect spot for morning coffee, as well as a home for Shondi's plants. The sun room is "the connection to the outside," says Suzanne. "We changed the materials on the floor from wood to Chicago common brick, so it feels a little more exterior. It also has a heated floor underneath so it’s warm in the winter and also absorbs light during the day, which keeps the floor warm."
Now, the mudroom is just inside the door to the backyard and can stand up to Chicago winters with new brick floors  . It offers an excellent drop zone for coats, shoes, and even beach towels, as the house is just blocks from Lake Michigan.
A 25-foot custom bifold door made of corrugated plastic and twin-wall polycarbonate encloses an artist’s studio designed by Marc Frohn of FAR frohn&rojas.
We tried to be very resourceful. You shouldn’t see any tile on the deck that had to be cut; it’s almost like a perfect puzzle,” comments the designer, Marc Frohn.
The large boathouse features walls of glass and original artwork by David Novros, creating an unexpectedly refined atmosphere.
Displayed around the studio are images from her first solo show in 2007 and photos of fake books she created for her 2017 exhibition, “Hawaii.”
Frohn glued layers of plywood and linoleum together to fashion the work table
This dreamy, glass bedroom by the lake was created as an early prototype for the prefabricated greenhouse/she kits known as the Kekkilä Green Sheds.
Shelves of yarn in Erin's workspace.
Erin Barrett is a self-taught weaver and textile and interior designer who runs her own business from from two studio spaces within the house.

If you have ever considered building a modern shed or studio in the backyard, you'll appreciate the projects below, which prove that small spaces can deliver a big impact. Transform this often dormant space into a family room, hobby studio, or meditation room. Give the humble backyard shed a chance to shine—forge an opportunity for better living or enhanced storage.