Cantilever construction allows for overhanging structures with no external bracing. Modern architects have used cantilevers in inventive and beautiful ways.

The L-shaped secondary building perches over a craggy escarpment. It offers the best vantage point for taking in the moss-planted roof, forest, and ocean.
Located on a steep site with limited suitable building ground, the firm decided to cantilever the home over the hillside, which has the effect of helping the structure blend in with the landscape.
The cedar-clad front facade features one of the home’s defining design elements: a cantilevered gable that appears to float over the garage. The project is composed of two unique forms, divergent in convention but complementary in execution. A traditional gable, simplified and modernized, sits next to a striking modernist cube. A custom entry gate fabricated by Dovetail’s metal shop and a steel privacy fence add color to the front elevation.
The cantilevered main floor creates space for bracken fern and other indigenous vegetation to flourish.
Occupying a footprint of just 110 square feet, the studio finds smart ways to maximize space. Central to this undertaking is the studio’s cantilever, which appears to float over the stream. The cantilever affords the studio more internal volume, while occupying no greater footprint below.
The cantilevered deck juts out from the home. “You really feel like you’re floating,” Harnkess says.
The lower level is covered in traditional red brick, while the upper level consists of coil-coated aluminium sheet with large glass panes.
The front door is tucked under a cantilevered terrace.
At night, the exterior is lit with small LED bulbs for minimum impact. Steps are carved directly into the mountain landscape, leading visitors into one of the home’s two main entrances.
The cantilevered sleeping loft posed a structural challenge. "The structure is simple, however we explored a number of options for supporting the cantilevered loft," Eerkes says. "But after comparing costs for large trusses versus a big glulam beam—including labor costs for construction of each—the simplicity of a two-foot glulam beam won out. The steel rod cross bracing provided lateral stability in the longitudinal direction."
The house cantilevers out over the landscape for unimpeded views. “It’s canted wall defines the main entrance and creates a covered space for unpacking and packing—a familiar family ritual,” Howat says.
A cantilevered cabin designed by R D Gentzler blends into the forest, even as it hovers above a 20-foot drop-off. Its south face is almost entirely glass, but a roof canopy limits solar gain. “We sit on the deck all afternoon watching the trees, and the time just flies by,” says resident Maricela Salas.
The kitchen worktop is framed in iron, and functional wheeled storage fits perfectly underneath. The full-wall shelving system offers ample storage for dishware and cooking accessories.
Both the front door and garage are accessible from street level. The floor is cantilevered out over a concrete pile foundation and garden far below.
Inside, the home immediately opens up with light and natural views. The cantilevered stairs leading to the first floor offer a dramatic focal point. The stairs, wrapped in natural oak, are anchored to the exposed concrete walls on one side, and bordered by a clear glass railing on the opposite side.
The house cantilevers slightly over a concrete wall, adding a touch of lightness and drama to its approach. Stairs beside to the cantilever lead to the entrance. On the upper level, a bedroom and family bathroom look out through the windows of the cantilevered façade.
Strata Bench for Landscape Forms

It's hard to believe this sleek bench was fashioned from concrete. But according to designer Jess Sorel, a proprietary material blend and new molding technique gave him the freedom to play with the material. "I wanted to take the perceptions about what [concrete] should be and counter that," he said. "I wanted to create something with a visual edge and have it float like a cantilever. How do we push concrete so it's not a brutalist chunk of material, but instead something elegant?"
A natural rock face supports the cantilevered addition from below, creating a fortress-like structure that sits lightly within the existing landscape. Neutral colors keep the home from standing out, while the glass reflects surrounding flora.
Radamés “Juni” Figueroa lived in his art project tree house, made from found materials, for two fortnights, as part of his artist residency at La Practica at Beta-Local. "The Practice" is an interdisciplinary program of research and production focusing on art, architecture, and design, with an emphasis on collaboration.
A cantilevered deck extends outward from the distinctive structure and toward nature.