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Core77 provides a place where professional and rookie designers alike can gather information not only on the newest designs, but also on events, job postings, and services.
Although they live over 9,000 miles from each other, the women of Desire to Inspire create a collection of designers, architects, stylists, and photographers on their blog that showcases their shared passion for all things home and design.
Through their blog, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, the editors at Cool Hunting create mini-documentaries and daily updates that highlight well-designed and innovative movements in design, technology, travel, food, and style.
Design Milk

An e-magazine that's dedicated entirely to architecture, art, home, and interiors. Their sister site, Dog Milk, was created for "modern dog lovers".
The Selby began in 2008 as a place where photographer Todd Selby could post photo shoots he did of his friends in their homes. Since then, the site has remained true to its origin, offering an inside view into the homes of different creative personalities, all shot by Selby himself. And most recently, The Selby curated home goods for Svbscription. Read all about it here.
Based in The Netherlands, The Style Files is run by an e-home store owner and features design inspiration from around the globe.
This article was originally published on February 20, 2013 on Movato Real Estate's Blog.
A photo of a mother as seen on the blog "Pictures of My Mother."
The Page Turner, the new literary blog from the New Yorker, launched on May 15th.
A shot of the structure as it appeared mid-February. Cherubini regularly updates his blog with the latest steps in the construction process. We'll definitely be checking in for the newest reports! Photo ©2011 epic software group, inc.
A photograph featured on the blog From the Desk Of....
We'll overlook Tom Wolfe's scathing critique of modernism and focus on the cleverness of this blog's one-liners instead.
The Anita shelf as seen on The Blog on the Bookshelf.
I end my Dwell blog with the very first photo I uploaded on the zHome blog. This is a picture of my niece. She is a budding gymnast and gardener, and loves cats. We all put so much love and time and money into growing our next generation. Yet we have such a disjunct when it comes to the state we’re going to leave the planet in for them. We will spend tens of thousands of hours nurturing our kids, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars for their education, but any decent climate scientist or oceanographer will tell you that unless things change basic planetary systems will be fundamentally different in their lifetime, let alone their kids’. Do we put as much energy, money, and time into leaving an intact planet as we do other things? We’ve got the tools—let’s act.
Haley Harmon creates paintings of recipe ingredients on her blog Don't Eat the Paintings.
One of the guest blog posts by Dwell's Editor-in-Chief on Trail of Crumbs.
A mechanical marvel, our ground source heat pump. We’ll go more granular on this in a future blog. I show it here because it’s our single most important conservation item.
The main courtyard looking south. The bridge in the center of the photo connects the east and west parts of the house and was required by the City in order to meet building code. The need for this connecting bridge was discussed in our blog posts 2 and 3.
Moskow and Linn will bring another group of students to Norwich next year for the second Studio North session. Applications are now available at Moskow Linn Architects's blog.
Design blog afficianados will recognize this bentwood-and-metal stool by Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro. Offset, as it's called, is no less impressive in person, and though it comes in black and white, bright yellow is definitely my favorite.