12 Exterior Shipping Container Apartment Design Photos And Ideas

Diagonal cuts are mirrored across the facade, creating a rhythmic pattern of material and void.
Circulation platforms weave above the open courtyard space.
Large cuts in the outer walls of the shipping containers create a geometric pattern of glazed openings. At night, the openings create a patterned facade that is both solid and transparent.
The two building masses join like a hinge at the narrow end of the site. The solid masses are broken only by the exterior circulation routes. The complex name, DRIVELINES, is painted onto the end facade.
The buildings create a pedestrian-friendly experience by placing retail on the main floor, where it is easily accessible to passers-by.
The project's industrial character ties in nicely with the surrounding infrastructure and architecture.
The residential building blends in with the urban fabric of the changing downtown neighborhood.
The exposed wooden stairwell creates a warm contrast with the concrete and metal used elsewhere.
Floor-to-ceiling windows front each unit, with sections of container wall folded out and fixed in place as part of the shading strategy.
The eight container apartments, huddled together in a wise use of the space, are situated on an old used car lot in downtown Phoenix. A decommissioned container costs between $1,800 and $5,000, says architect Wesley James. Transportation, handling, and site assembly run at least as much.
The containers are fused side-by-side, giving each apartment a 16-foot width. They are then stacked in four pairs with wrought, industrial-style exterior staircases in-between. To spare living space and installation headaches, a cinder block core houses utilities and a bathroom for each unit.
The apartments face a landscaped common courtyard. The site is an irregular trapezoid, a fact the zig-zagging sidewalks reflect well.

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