Reliable Sources: Our Favorite Design Shops in the U.S.

Reliable Sources: Our Favorite Design Shops in the U.S.

Creative Energy: A Radically Efficient Home in Memphis
Qualities of Life: The Ups and Downs of City Rankings


Step Inside America’s Best Independent Design Shops
Step Inside America’s Best Independent Design Shops
Independent design shops are hubs for creative communities. Here, we celebrate some of our favorites across the United States.
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Editor’s Letter: Livable America
This year, in our annual Made in America issue, we unpacked the concept of "livability" and the influential rankings that rate quality of life in different cities and...
The Ups and Downs of Livability Rankings
When housing markets heat up, livability ratings help guide demand—but not all assessments are worth their salt, and some are, frankly, rank.
Facing Our New Climate Reality
As increasingly extreme weather threatens their quality of life, communities across the nation are rallying around resilient and sustainable practices.
New Kids on the Block
We asked five households that recently switched Los Angeles neighborhoods what they had in mind when picking a new place to live.
A Conversation With New Orleans Designer, Planner, Teacher and Activist Amy Stelly
The Louisiana native explains how cities can heal the wounds of racist development—without accelerating gentrification.
A Radically Efficient Memphis Home Raises the Bar for Sustainability
Architect Barry Alan Yoakum draws on decades of experience to build what, by one measure, is the first zero-energy, zero-carbon home in the world.
A Resilient Residence Replaces a Home Destroyed by Wildfire in Northern California
After a devastating blaze, a Napa Valley couple rebuild with durability in mind.
A Skinny Brooklyn Townhouse Stacks Spaces for Living, Working, and Entertaining
Motorcycles, a music studio, and more find their homes on the tiered floors of a renovation in Red Hook.
A Phoenix Couple Turn a Corner Store Into a Home That Has Everything on Their List
A former bodega becomes a loft-like residence that honors its commercial past.
Construction Diary: A Stylist and a Photographer Reenvision a 1950s Bungalow
A Los Angeles family shares lessons they learned from renovating during a turbulent year.
A Designer Builds a Scandinavian-Inspired Sauna That Floats Off the Maine Coast
In a break from his regular programming, lighting designer Brendan Ravenhill crafts a love letter to New England’s functional but cozy architecture.
A Family Heirloom Helps Architecture Professor Chris Cornelius Imagine a New Future for His Field
As ongoing inspiration for how to bring Indigenous experiences into the built environment, Cornelius looks to the lived-in beauty of his great-grandfather’s work gloves.
A Seattle Couple’s Playful Home Honors the Eccentric Vision of Its Original Architect
Stefan Hampden of Cast Architecture reimagines a shed-roofed residence in keeping with architect Robert Reichert’s exuberant style.