What Will the Neighbors Think: Fearless American Homes

What Will the Neighbors Think: Fearless American Homes

Setting the Table: Our Guide to Hosting a Well-Designed Dinner Party
Starter Homes: A Pink House in Indiana Proves They’re Still Possible


Editor’s Letter: The New Neighbors
Editor’s Letter: The New Neighbors
How American homes are taking risks.
By William Hanley - 2 years ago
Six American Designers Share Their Inspiring New Takes on a Dream Dinner Party
We can all get stuck in a rut. This holiday season, break out of yours.
New Initiatives and Leaders Are Bringing Power and Profits to America’s Crafting Communities
Geechee basketmakers, Gee’s Bend quilters, and Native American artisans are developing ways of navigating markets that have not always had their best interests at heart.
A Composer and Fashion Designer Add an Inspiring Creative Space to Their Los Angeles Backyard
The two-level ADU is decked out with a light-filled recording studio for him, and for her, a luminous design space with soaring ceilings and sliding glass doors.
How E-Commerce Changed the Knockoff Furniture Game
Direct-to-consumer revolutionized the furniture market. What’s at stake when fakes are easier to find than ever?
An Unorthodox Houseboat in Sausalito Gives Its Owner Permission to Play
Architect Craig Steely drew from the area’s bohemian history and traditional Chinese motifs to create this unique floating haven.
A Neighborhood Fixture in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Had a Storied Past and Just Got a Fresh Start
Architects William Ruhl and Sandra Jahnes transform a 1919 building surrounded by local lore into an industrial-inspired live/work space for its latest owner.
Introducing the Dwell House
A 540-square-foot ADU designed by Norm Architects and delivered to your backyard.
Construction Diary: A Ceramicist Gets Hands On While Renovating Her Midcentury Home
Ren von Hasseln polishes up a run-down ranch house in Ojai with colorful brick, handcrafted tile, and glazing galore.
It Was an Abandoned, Barely Built Mansion. They Made It a Real Home
Embracing the idea of a modern ruin, a Northern California couple carve a house out of the incomplete concrete garage and basement of a would-be manse.
A New Jersey Home With a Postmodern Past Is Covered in Head-Turning Tile
In an everyday suburb, a young family isn’t afraid to make a statement.
A True Starter Home in Columbus, Indiana, Nods to Nearby Buildings by 20th-Century Masters
The goal for the roughly 1,000-square-foot residence was that people earning the national median income could easily handle the mortgage payments.
How to Kill Your Lawn and Help the Planet
Old-school, mowed-grass landscaping is so passé—and horrible for the environment. Swap your turf for something better.
For One Designer and Innovator, Human Connection Begins With a Simple Tool
David Kelley, founder of Ideo and the d.school at Stanford University, uses a rudimentary measuring device to empower his students—and make friends.
The 2022 Andersen Bright Ideas Awards
The Bright Ideas Awards—now in their second year—showcase ways in which solar-oriented design can positively shape our everyday lives.
Reflect Your Taste in Every Sense
Miele’s Generation 7000 built-in appliances offer an abundance of design choices to make a statement that is uniquely yours.
On the Mesa
Bringing minimalist lines to the striking desert landscape, this Yucca Valley retreat finds harmony in its sublime surroundings.
A Hybrid Home
Hybrid cars run on both electricity and gas, so why can’t your HVAC?
Screen Play
Walls of windows from Kolbe Windows & Doors create a layered, light-filled home.