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Y Le Yacht by Jean Pierre HEIM Architect will be the first fully electric commercial vessel of its kind:
A floating luxury hotel which will offer to its guests the never previously experienced option of visiting Manhattan both from the water and on the ground, at their leisure, while also being able to experience a gastronomical and thrilling experience of sleeping on the water surrounded by the skyline of one of the most beautiful city in the world.

Whether it will be for a specific occasion, for corporate meetings, or simply for the pleasure of discovering something new and unique,

“ Y Le Yacht” will offer to its select clientele an opportunity to be spoiled and get the thrill of a unique experience, for one night, one week or longer, in one suite or the whole privatized yacht…

Traveling around Manhattan is a historic experience, and discovering its iconic skyline from the sea is a true experience.

The boat will travel on and off at different times of the day and night all around the island of Manhattan, with spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, the new downtown Memorial building, the Freedom Tower, the Chrysler building, the United Nations, the Empire State Building, and all the new iconic skycrappers of Central Park South and Hudson Yards.

While on-board, guests will relax around the pool while admiring the scenary and learn all about the history of Manhattan through a unique exploration journey with select stops. They will however still be able to disembark at anytime and join the city center easily, or reembark the boat after their shopping, thanks to the private boat tender service Le Yacht will offer.

“ Y Le Yacht” will truly be a unique, immersive, state-of-the-art, luxury yacht living experience!

“ Y Le Yacht” accommodations:

With only 20 ultra-luxury suites, guests will have an opportunity to live the vibrant lifestyle across Manhattan and its surrounding historical places during the day, while knowing that at the end of the day or at anytime, they will be able to get back to the peaceful and quiet environment of their private yacht cruising without a sound all around Manhattan or anchored in one of the city’s docks.
All accommodations will be spacious contemporary design river/sea view suites which will include personal butler service.

There will be:

2 ultra large suite cabins of 48 square meters (520 sq.ft)

12 large suites of 30 square meters (330 sq.ft)

6 suites of 25 square meters (275 sq.ft)

Suites will be able to be inter-connected to create larger accommodation as desired.

“ Y Le Yacht” amenities:

With an ultra-luxurious spa including 3 massage rooms, a sauna, a steam room and a gym with private trainers, guests will be able to enjoy the wellness philosophy of their journey, embracing the mystical power of the skyline of Manhattan, discovering their senses, and elevating their spirits.

“ Y Le Yacht” will also have a superb outdoor pool where guests will be able to swim peacefully while cruising the waters of Manhattan East and Hudson rivers.

Gastronomy: The gastronomical worldclass restaurant onboard with its private Michelin star chef will treat guests to a true culinary experience. The lounge will also offer an outstanding fine wines and spirits experience with a unique wine and champagne cellar composed of the finest bottles in the world.

Movie theater/Entertainment room: For private projections or special entertainment/ shows, a la carte.

Corporate meetings facilities:

Ideal for corporate retreats of top executives (and their spouses), Le Yacht will be available for privatization of the whole boat and tailored made experiences for the group. The yacht will feature a convertible conference room/movie theater for corporate meetings.

All of this in a luxury delicate environment with intimate setting and the utmost level of services.

Every voyage begins with a dream…Imagine a culinary dining experience with spectacular views of Manhattan…Imagine sleeping in the most comfortable and luxurious setting surrounded by water and the Manhattan skyline…Imagine having breakfast on the deck right at the foot of the Statue of Liberty…Imagine being pampered in the most luxurious spa and coming out of a massage while cruising under the Brooklyn bridge…Imagine it all!!!

Le Yacht has been conceived to make all these dreams become reality.