This project was built in 2015, it has 6,114 square feet and it is located in Ex Hacienda Xahuentla, Atlixco, Mexico. It is a colorful town located southwest of the city of Puebla, México. The town is known for its good climate and the great floristic, commercial and touristic activity.

This holiday home provides a variety of comfortable spaces to the owner and its guests. Each one of the spaces look forward to offer relaxation and luxury under a meticulous selection of contemporary Mexican elements. The house has two levels: social area and services are located in the ground floor and bedrooms are located in the upper floor.

The facade of the residence is made of apparent bricks, decorative mosaic, regional vegetation and a large window covered with vertical louvers. This composition gives such a particular personality to the facade because it provides a contrast between traditional Mexican materials and modernity.

On the other hand, the interior materials promote a template environment useful to deal with the high temperatures of the site. Neutral palette colors and local marble are intended to reflect coolness effects. The interior will also afford eclectic environments inspired in Mexican icons such as flowers (tiles), skulls (interior wallpapers) and colorful murals made by a local artists.

The back patio was one of the main topics to address since it is considered to play a protagonic role in the architectural program. This is the meeting area for both levels, guests and owners are meant to join in this area: enjoy meals, drinks, conversations, activities and good climate! Because of the last, the terrace has variety of furniture and has direct connection with the pool, the garden and the grill zone. Regional vegetation was placed to connect with the roots of the site.

On the other hand, the internal staircase was an important topic to address too. The intention to provide an 'open-transition' element was crucial. According to the client's desires, the privacy is important but it most not be a barrier to connect with the social area. Because of this, the staircase plays an sculptural roll rather than a discrete transition to the upper floor.

In resume, the challenge was to create a contemporary contrast between Mexican roots and comfort, to create a link between the owner and its guests; in general, to inspire human interaction in relation to contemporary Mexican architecture.

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Main entrance perspective

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