By opening-up the rear-facade, Agencie created a home that is both fit for modern living and respectful of the history of the row house. The result: a spacious and light-filled home ready for the next 150 years. Mixed mid-century modern furniture with more contemporary pieces and added a sense of texture in elements such as ceilings and floors.

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Rearyard extension that preserved a 200-year old tree.

Don't dismiss the kitchen as a modern day parlor. Sarrah Khan of Agencie Architecture & Engineering says, “ Kitchens are modern parlor rooms. In today’s homes, kitchens serve a double function of both cooking and entertaining zones.”

The rearwall was engineered with a large steel lintel, allowing for a full window wall. The result is a light-filled living space that feels part of the garden.

Art work is strategically incorporated.

In compact Brooklyn brownstones, every square foot must be treasured and used. We re-purposed an old fireplace into a bookshelf.

As architects AND engineers, we expose structure wherever possible. The original wood joists are exposed in the bedroom.

Hand-troweled concrete bathroom