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Wake Up in an Olive Grove at This Captivating Italian Bed-and-Breakfast

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From Jenny Xie

Taking a holiday at Masseria Moroseta doesn’t just place you in the Mediterranean climate—it transports you to a Mediterranean state of mind. The bed-and-breakfast in Italy’s Puglia region is modeled after traditional masserie, or farmhouses, and built with local sandstone. Perched on over 12 acres of olive groves, it offers guests a view of the sea beyond 500-year-old trees. Eggs from the masseria’s chickens, bread with stone-pressed olive oil, and jams preserved during winter comprise breakfast; at night, garden-harvested vegetables, locally raised meat, and freshly caught fish are served at a communal table.

When the owner Carlo Lanzini approached designer Andrew Trotter, he specified a modern building that would feel natural to the landscape, launching Trotter into three years of researching Pugliese building traditions. Like historic buildings of the region, Masseria Moroseta is a U-shaped building oriented towards a central courtyard. The bedrooms that form the arms would have been stables in the past. In one wing, each bedroom enjoys a private garden filled with orange trees; in the other, they open onto terraces with lofted views. Thick walls provide insulation, and cross-ventilated windows in the living space eliminate much of the need for air conditioning. Designed with great respect for the environment, the building draws its power from solar panels and has its own water supply. Masseria Moroseta, built from the same stones that were excavated from the site, is a true expression of the rural countryside.