From Joris Verhoeven Architectuur

This concrete brickhouse is located in the middle of Udenhout, a village nearby the city of Tilburg. The beautiful location gives a view of the church in the heart of this village, while the back is located at a rustic orchard and an inner village meadow.

The objective of the design therefore was clear from the beginning; utilize as much as possible of the rural view at the rear of the house, and create a perfect sightline to the church from the kitchen. In addition, it was very important to design a life-cycle-proof home taking into account the age of the clients.

Due to the sober design, the house is not too present. She is visually restrained in the surroundings as an average farm in this neighborhood does. However, the materialization with concrete long stones in different shades of grey, creates a subdued vivid appearance and is anything but rural.
The minimum number of different materials ensures a modern timeless appearance.

The layout of the house has been completely shaped by the spaces around it. The living areas and the sleeping area on the ground floor focus on the garden, meadow and the sun. The secondary spaces are situated at the dark side of the house. The cantilever roof of the house to the west side includes an evening terrace with a beautiful view of the adjacent orchard.

Despite the fact that the home is energy-neutral, this doesn't impact the design in any way. The house is heated by a heatpump with geothermal heat and the energy required for it is generated by solar panels on the toproof. The full glass facade on the south side provides a lot of heat during the winter months. The built-in sunshades make sure that it never gets overheated.

The use of durable, maintenance-friendly materials ensures long-term quality of this retiring villa.