From PHILIPPARCHITEKTEN // anna philipp

The Triangle House

The characteristic of the narrow, steep hillside plot is its tapering, triangular shape. The view sweeps far and wide over an extensive, natural landscape towards the valley.

The layout of the stretched building follows the property line. Surrounded by small residential streets, the building is closed to the hill side, thus forming its back. Here the visitor enters the house on the ground floor, which is the middle level of three, consisting mostly of an airy and spacious area, which is the center of family life. Cooking, eating and living are combined here, zoned only by a freestanding fireplace. This all-round glazed room is sun-drenched all day and opens out to a directly adjacent pool and terrace providing a beautiful view of the surrounding nature.

At the tip of the house there is a small workplace, which, like a look-out, opens out to the front of the house. Viewing it from the outside, this narrow side of the building appears like a tower, which proudly stands out as if it is aware of its imposing effect.

In contrast, the long side of the house facing the valley is inviting, open and wide. It is remarkable to note how the facade is bent at various points and the building view is accentuated by these carefully folded planes. The basement of the house is accessed from this side. One enters a very generously planned garage, which is tucked away into the ground. A gym is situated towards the west and a family wardrobe towards the east, through which you reach the stairs that take you directly to the ground floor.

The private areas, which are located on the first floor, are also completely glazed and offer a spectacular view, bordered by mountains on the horizon. The parents' bedroom open out onto an exclusive terrace.