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This project reimagined the first level of the house of an active family. Its partitioned rooms, distant from each others as well as placed on different levels, created an unfunctional house plan for its occupants. The task was to open up the first floor and conceive an open-floor plan that has a strong connection with the outdoor space; the challenge was to retain the authenticity of its original style throught the strong architectural gesture the projects requires. The response is a ground floor organized around a black paneling services block that also serves as a spatial connection to the different living areas. The interior circulation is oriented along the new openings on the courtyard and is pierced perpendicularly by the new kitchen area. The latter, bright room with high ceilings, opens to the outside and allows a synergy with the large opened up canopy that covers the new terrace. The interior, sobered by the presence of white lacquer and textured marble, creates a relaxed ambiance, adapted to late cozy evenings.