The project is called THE ROCK and the architect is not trained nor has a formal education — in fact, the only formal skills gained were in a high school drafting class. Everything else is intuitive and self-educated via a lifetime of interest and query. David Andrew Green has always had an innate sense of form, scale, materials, texture, flow, proportion, line, pattern and subtlety and has a particular fondness for everyday common materials.

The selects in the link below really do showcase the depth and mastery of this home. It was a 2-year build and David Green acted as the designer, general contractor, landscape designer, purchaser, decorator, ditch digger, clean up crew, general construction and really, whatever else needed to be done!

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History of The Project

Purchased the property, developed a floor plan and design inspiration. Made crude renderings. Took photos, made sketches, storyboard, magazine clippings of design features, elements, finishing.

Worked with my neighbor/friend (designer John McNally) to come up with a couple of rendering ‘inspirations’ of the project. Went back and forth with John before ultimately merging components from all the above into a concept vision.

John McNally at JMDI calculated setbacks etc., drafted and finalized elevations, did up a set of basic floor plans and some structural details. I added electrical layout and John Steiner (Bianco Lam) completed engineered structural plans for submission to District of West Vancouver. Seven months later, project approved.

Started Construction Jan 26, 2015: Hired great people who understood my vision and need for top quality – then gave them the autonomy to do their jobs. These skilled professional tradesmen also had the experience also collaborated to help me navigate through general construction pitfalls, sequencing and the potential consequences of ill thought decisions of such a complicated project.


A partnership between two lifelong friends to build one-of-a-kind, second to none, innovative yet classic homes with passion and distinction, uncompromising quality and an unrivaled attention to detail.

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