If Psychedelic-chic were a thing, this would be it! Welcome to the Roaches world, home of artists Sean P. Roach (www.seanproach.com). Inspired by 1950-60s midcentury design, pee-wees playhouse, and world travels, the Roaches home is a color explosion with custom elements around every corner!

Six months into moving into their foothill residence in La Crescenta, California, fine artist Sean P. Roach and his wife Lindsey single handedly reworked the entire house. Literally putting their blood sweat and tears into the work, the results truly capture their personality and love of bight bold colors.

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Living room with all my own artwork, painted piano, and self designed wallpaper leading into hallway. Decided that the entry way would act like a frame, so rather than hang a piece of art I made the wall the art with a design I had printed onto vinyl. Every color is the color of life. We celebrate life and color at our home :)

Custom dining table I built for around $150, two by fours, OSB, and painted subsurface glass inspired by the Op art movement.

Painted piano (not the best angle). Art on the wall I designed, same piece served as a backdrop for our Willy Wonka inspired wedding. Bright colors tie into each other throughout the space and our offset by bright white. Our African Grey Parrot Rigby is hanging out in the back ;)

Painted my wife on the wall in one of the bathrooms. The bottom third of the wall is a vintage wallpaper that my wife bought more than 10 years ago before we even had anywhere to put it. I decided to pour epoxy resin and adhere it to clear acrylic sheets, which I cut to fit the wall. Now it looks like glass!

Rather than put in new cabinets I gave this old cabinet a facelift by cutting red acrylic to act as a veneer which I applied via liquid nails, and added new knobs/drawer pulls.

Stripes are fun too. Added these stripes and molding in the hallway leading to our office/music room.

Office/music/chill room. Fun color combinations inspired by sherbet ice cream.

Hallway to bedroom. I saw the door as another opportunity for art, so I painted these two cockroaches, with our wedding date going around it 08/07/210 the day my wife too became a Roach (Our last name) Haha :)

Another shot of the door with custom panel. I also cut a door opening on the bottom left cabinet to hide our kitties litter box. Low pro style. Behind the door is our bright purple bedroom, too messy to photograph.

Speaking of the beast. Here he is on his favorite scratch post. He's a Devon Rex named Lamb (aka Lamby-boy).

I had the idea for this wallpaper long before I ever had the home to put it in. If you look close you'll see the light switch cover also has the same image on it to blend in. It's because of this light switch that I decided on this space for the wallpaper, as the switch was totally in the way of being able to put the right size painting for the space. Solution... make the entire wall the painting, framed by the entryway ;)


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