The Modern Mission

San Diego, California
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This "winter home" for a retired east coast couple puts San Diego's mild seasons on display and uses smart construction techniques to moderate temperatures inside. Gerry and Susan split their time each year between homes in Wellesley (outside of Boston), a cottage in Maine, and sunny San Diego. When they escape the winters and venture west, they are also venturing toward family. Situated one block from their only daughter, her husband, and two children, this house needed to provide open space for the whole family to be together. The Mission-style open floor plan is centered around a beautiful double-island kitchen creating the perfect meeting space for three generations of family to gather. Adults can be preparing food while keeping an eye on the children playing. The line of sight carries all the way through the backyard, which serves an extension of the living space when the large accordion door is opened all the way. The wide open floor plan also suits the tenants needs to use a cane to walk and occasionally a wheelchair. With this in mind, there are zero thresholds to trip or step over, even into the master shower, which Susan says is her favorite part.

A front patio space encourages neighborly interactions and a peaceful space to enjoy the year-round perfect weather.

A long gradual ramp was used because of the tenant's limited mobility, making it handicap accessible and visually pleasing.

Custom copper canopy shades the exterior entry and adds a pop of color as the material oxidizes to a textured turquoise.

The grandchildren love to play here, taking full advantage of the easy flow indoors to out.

The front door was created with recycled wood beams from the original home, accented with the same boomerang cut-outs from exterior copper canopy. To maximize open floor space, Curtis Micklish designed this floating shelf to catch keys and mail and the occasional tiny toy.

White marble counters and wood cabinets create the central focal point for this Mission-style home.

Overhead trusses made from recycled wood beams from the original home support a dramatic 16 foot ceiling. To keep the line of site wide open, an overhead hood was swapped out for a Jenn-air downdraft gas range.

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