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Fusion House
The bungalow is an outcome of highly contemporary design idea combined with client’s urge of ornamentation and traditional decoration. The fusion of two thoughts makes this project unique. The ornamentation, the blend of colors and patterns has always been tradition of India and has been still influencing Indian minds to adopt the same. The challenge is to achieve this with the contemporary architecture and keep the pace with the time.

The theme flows from architecture to interior seamlessly. Bungalow is located on one of the main roads in the city of Pune. The planning had restrictions due to the main road & society bye laws.

The design of the bungalow is based on our design philosophy - contemporary vernacular architecture. It incorporates vernacular ethos and features like courtyards, stone masonry in a highly contemporary style. The contemporary stone work along with metal pergolas & white masses creates extremely contrasting yet well balanced composition. The shadow pattern keeps on changing through the day creating dynamism in architecture. This simple architecture is highlighted with vertical garden & wood work at the entry. The architecture unfolds itself into unique interior style. The fusion is created & highlighted with wood & few classical rustic pieces of furniture and artwork. The stataurio flooring forms a beautiful base for fusion theme.

The planning is done in such a way that public areas flow into each other & courtyard connects the spaces to the first floor. The bungalow has seven bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, family & home theater. Ground floor accommodates living, dining, kitchen, one small office, one master bed, daughter’s bed , guest beds & Puja.

The courtyard acts as a focal point & staircase becomes a part of that spaces. Vertical garden in the courtyard continues till first floor and nature is brought into the house nicely. First floor comprises of one master bed, children’s bed, daughter bed &guest bed. The family is designed with the library study area.

There are two courtyards- one central courtyard & one puja Courtyard. Both pour the light in the linear planned home. The light is subtle & adds warmth in the décor. The third skylight is at the wall mural which continues from the ground to first floor. These three sources of natural light keep the home naturally lit. The turbo ventilator at the central courtyard allow for stack effect and continuous air flow in the home.

Adhering to the theme of the project, the main door has been designed with a Banana leaf pattern and a handle done in handmade brass. Symbolic of Indian culture, this brass motif creates a warm entrance of the house. The rest of the door panel is kept plain and is designed with a pivot and in dark yet rich veneer with a thin frame. The modern form of a door with traditional artwork on it creates a perfect entry for the fusion house.

The pooja room of the house is a part of the courtyard. The skylight above it adds to the serene feel of the space. The space is highlighted with laser cut backdrop and ceiling designed with the peacock pattern jail symbolizing the Indian culture. The laser cut jali creates a light pattern throughout the day.

Library is located in the first floor and comprises of study area within it. The book shelves have been designed in a pattern which is inspired by tress. White shelves with branching pattern have designed with glass partitions to achieve privacy.

Each bathroom is designed with a theme which is an extension of the décor of the room. The colours, shapes or textures used in the room have been continued in the bathrooms. Focus has been to design a well-lit and bright bath areas.

Children’s room has been designed with a curvy theme which all the furniture –like beds, tables, seating, shelves have been designed in curves avoiding any sharp corners. The textiles like curtains, bed-sheets and carpet have been used in such a way that they add vibrancy in the room and can be changed to allow change of the look and feel. The Play of Lights through the circular openings adds drama to the Children bedroom. Animal silhouette theme at the bed back adds jungle juke to the room creating fantasy for the children’s. Circular recesses in the false ceiling continue the display not only enhances the ambiance of the room but also refreshes the mood in children’s bedroom. The theme continues in the walk in wardrobe and the bathroom.

“Contemporary designs with straight lines and simplicity with a tinge of traditional elements create a perfect blend called - Fusion House” – Ar. Anuja Pandit

Sunlight – pouring through different scaled skylights –into the different themed courtyards becomes the most vital element of the House – Ar. Sunil Patil