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The CR House

House (Single Residence)

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In the enchanting city of Pereira, a couple on the verge of retirement decides to create their retirement home in an idyllic countryside setting.

The CR house project is a perfect retreat for retirement, designed to offer comfort and serenity to its owners. Located in a natural environment with panoramic views of the majestic nearby mountains and surrounded by lush bamboo groves, this house is situated in a privileged location to enjoy the beauty of nature and birdwatching.

The design draws inspiration from a modern interpretation of the traditional courtyard, which becomes the heart of the house. An open circular space to the sky, embracing a lush tropical garden, welcomes visitors with a cozy and natural ambiance.

The social area, with its completely transparent design and surrounded by expansive windows, creates a seamless connection between the living/dining area and the spacious pool terrace. Ideal for hosting family gatherings and enjoying nature from the comfort of home.

In contrast, the private areas offer a more intimate and tranquil atmosphere, with enclosed walls ensuring the privacy of each room. Strategically placed windows, with built-in seating, invite relaxation while enjoying the natural views from inside.

The program includes three bedrooms with walk-in closets and bathrooms, separate study areas for him and her, ample social space for family gatherings, a service apartment, garage, and storage areas.

The house uses the principles of Biophilic Design to introduce a more sensitive response to living. 1. Nature in the space. 2. Nature analogues. 3. Nature of the space guided the design, to deliver a house in direct dialogue with its environment, increasing comfort, and improving the quality of the space.

The stucco walls and the elegant stone-clad cylinder comply with the condominium's design regulations. Some walls are perforated with a circular pattern that gradually reduces in size from the center, creating a fascinating visual experience with special shadows and charming garden views.

In pursuit of sustainability, the design focuses on reducing the use of air conditioning through a cross-ventilation strategy in most spaces. Additionally, a rainwater harvesting system has been implemented, serving both the bathrooms and garden irrigation, promoting responsible consumption of natural resources.

The CR house is the ideal refuge for a couple seeking to enjoy nature and tranquility in their retirement, without compromising on comfort and modern design. The unique geometry, careful details, and harmonious integration with the bamboo groves introduce a new visual paradigm that, combined with the reinterpretation of the traditional courtyard, delivers a unique place to live.