Camping: Refers to tent accommodation for a short period of time, usually in the countryside. The tent may be pitched in the woods, by the sea or in the mountains.

The construction of a temporary structure is obviously not intended for permanent use as it does not provide the necessary protection against all weather conditions and other natural factors.

Camping House
A home for camping is a house that essentially functions the same way as a tent, but in a more permanent form. That is, a camping type house offers walls and a roof so that the guest has basic protection from the natural elements (rain, wind, sun).

Beds are hanging from the walls and in the evening the various openings can be closed up with railings in order to provide security.

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What is a Camping House on a Island
It consists of two rooms/guesthouses. The first room has its own bathroom, while the other room has an exterior toilet and shower, accessible from the courtyard. Food preparation is possible in a semi-open kitchen with a counter and a sink.

While the rooms are clearly intended for the night (safe and comfortable), the living areas (kitchen, dining & living room) remain outside and exposed. They are only protected from the direct sunlight by a wooden pergola. The guestroom doors are wooden gates, which can be half open/closed, thereby creating semi-open protected rooms for everyday life.

The Camping House can be considered to be the most basic vacation home.

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exterior seating area

exterior view of the house

under the pergola

spring view

exterior wash basin handmade of stone

handmade outdoor stone wash basin

interior view of bedroom

small house-large piece of land

exterior view of the house

interior marble wash basin

exterior wash basin in use

exterior view of the house

  • Takis Yalelis
  • Takis Yalelis


  • Bedrooms
  • 2
  • Full Baths
  • 2
  • Style
  • Traditional
  • Year
  • 2016
  • Square Feet
  • 164
  • Lot Size
  • 13100