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The Beige


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The Beige in Siem Reap, Cambodia
The Beige in Siem Reap, Cambodia


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The Beige

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When beige refers to the color of ordinary hotel carpets and upholstery, it’s a symbol of what Tablet is here to save you from: namely bland, boring, corporate chain hotels. But when beige refers to the organic sailcloth with which eight luxe, colonial-style tented guest rooms are covered, it’s anything but dull. Here, in Siem Reap, virtually in the shadow of Angkor Thom, is something truly unique. The Beige sits by the riverside, to the north of the temples, and feels like a proper rural escape. Yet you’ll be in Angkor Wat, or in the modern city center, in a flash.

It would be an extraordinary enough place to pitch a tent of your own, but this is luxury camping, make no mistake: the tents are villa-sized, air-conditioned, with private terraces and luxurious indoor-outdoor baths. What’s more, they’re staffed by assistants who are on hand for everything from rolling up tent panels to drawing baths to arranging excursions and tours. There’s a spa tent as well as a yoga platform, and a library, an infinity pool, and a communal fireplace for lounging. And it’s all accompanied by organic Khmer cuisine made largely from ingredients produced by the Beige’s own farm.

Text Courtesy of Tablet Hotels