The Apartment For Přemek


Located in a 1930s building in Prague, Czech Republic, this four-bedroom apartment has a bright nook, hidden study desk, and loads of discreet storage.

Designed by Czech studio Atelier 111 Architekti, The Apartment for Přemek in Vršovice, Prague, is a study in how to merge and maximize space with style. The project involved connecting two housing units to create a single 1,249-square-foot apartment for a young family.

Making only minimal changes to the floor plan, the architects merged the building's original three-bedroom unit with the adjoined studio to create a four-bedroom apartment that would accommodate the family’s daily functional requirements.

Upon entering the apartment, one immediately sees a view of the street through the large windows that stand behind a built-in niche sofa in the living room.

This window also draws in natural light, imbuing the apartment with a bright, cheerful ambiance. Using the protruding space created by the perimeter of the facade, this seating niche becomes a cozy reading corner with plenty of shelves on both sides. It also works well as a daybed or a sleeping area for guests.

Built-in shelves in the kitchen and entrance corridor offer tons of storage without visually dominated the interiors.

The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and a door that opens up to a balcony. Inside one of the closets is a hidden desk. The doors can be opened and slid back into the wall to create a streamlined study nook.

Opposite the master bedroom are two children’s bedrooms with their own wardrobes.

Parquet floors, stark white walls, and light wood cabinetry lend a sense of openness and levity to the concept. Earthy colors, along with a little dash of yellow and blue, result in an interior that's roomy, stylish, and highly practical.

Modern home with Living Room, Chair, Sofa, Bookcase, Coffee Tables, Medium Hardwood Floor, Pendant Lighting, and Shelves. Photo  of The Apartment For Přemek
Modern home with Dining Room, Table, Pendant Lighting, Medium Hardwood Floor, Chair, and Bench. Photo 2 of The Apartment For Přemek
Modern home with Living Room, Coffee Tables, Storage, Chair, Sofa, Shelves, Medium Hardwood Floor, and Pendant Lighting. Photo 3 of The Apartment For Přemek
Modern home with Kitchen, White Cabinet, Medium Hardwood Floor, Wood Counter, Range, Ceiling Lighting, Range Hood, Wall Oven, Ceramic Tile Backsplashe, and Undermount Sink. Photo 4 of The Apartment For Přemek