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Integrated Urban Habitat

An old rooftop flat located at the heart of the city, was fill up with new programmatic content, aiming to be free of old common paradigms of the 20th century, suggesting instead a tolerant and fully flexible space, allowing his tenants to change and influent.

The lower floor, which is the bigger one (70 sqm) is arranged around a "central square" which uses both as an entrance lobby to the architectural design studio, as an interaction point between family members or clients, and as a space for movement, gathering and organizing. The different functions arranged at all its sides transferring through and from this main space light, air, and people.
The upper tiny floor is a multipurpose public space, suggesting some extreme in & out situations by using urban view and full transparency as a compensation for his most limited measurements (30 sqm).

The lower space was fully evacuated and rearranged with various function working separately or accordingly along day and night hours cycle, and contains a centered spiral staircase that encourage users and visitors to seat, talk and look, thaw besides functionality it creates a daylight funnel to the central square.
The first function open to visitors (and the one that will get future elevator lifting from the street) is the studio that has enormous window framing a high palm tree, growing seasonal dates and offers worm hospitality for birds and parrots. All other functions attached to the space's skin (approximately 8m x 9m) in a way that each one of them gets at least two sources of air and light. The miniature baths and toilets gets the bigger windows and enjoy maximum light and air circulation.

Since flexibility is a major issue in the design, the children's room double door can be open in a way that the "central square and the staircase becomes a part of the playground. At the parents private unit (witch hold an area of 11 sqm all together!) one can take a shower while watching t.v due to the full transparency division. Upstairs the kitchen works as a Kiosk since cooking and serving can done from both sides and cabinets' hides an airplane-like toilet.

The upper space hold the main public facilities of the family and it opens to a separate roof terraces - an 8 sqm extroverted deck that can easily attached to the main living space for hosting and dinning, and an intimate herbs garden with no floor tiles and lots of urban greenery shown from city treetop. This floor has no walls in it and the big hall in the floor for the spiral staircase make it fill much spacious than what its real size. Unlike the small rectangular windows of the existing lower floor, all doors and windows here are top to bottom; most of them are facing north to avoid direct sun radiation.

Although the planning aiming to be changeable and flexible, preferring space quality over its quantity, most furniture and storage appliances are built is and hidden within the walls. The spaces gets some of their character due to unorthodox division and because it holds a collection of unique old items such as pedestrian crossing traffic lights hanged just up toilets (as if asking to slow down), an ancient family heritage of copper pencil sharpeners collected by traveling all over the world, car models, old cameras and a various Lego pieces and boxes, and gray armchairs that was founded dumped in the street and were fully renovated.

More about the architects, their point of view and the studio project is in here: www.2on-arc.com

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