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From CplusC Architectural Workshop

A mesmerizing display of louvered windows completes a bungalow extension in Australia

This project was submitted by CplusC Architectural Workshop and has been selected as an Editor’s Pick

“Sliding Doors is a fun, lively addition to an existing Californian bungalow that creates more functional space for a young family while welcoming in the natural daylight. The clients approached CplusC to design an addition to their existing house to accommodate their growing family and changing needs. The rear of the property was well positioned to accommodate new living spaces while providing a more dynamic connection to the rear yard for supervision of small children, and for entertaining friends and family. Two over-sized sliding doors on the rear façade allows maximum flexibility of the new living spaces. The doors can completely close off the living room during winter, while allowing light to filter in.

They can also be positioned so that the living room opens unobstructed to the rear yard in warmer conditions. The doors also contain a mix of opaque, clear and frosted glass louvres to allow the family to control air, light and privacy. Because the clients were keen to teach their kids about food production and gardening, a herb garden covers the wall of the external courtyard and provides a visual link to the kitchen that enriches the experience of food preparation. Glimpses of the herb garden can be seen in the mirror splashback in the kitchen.

The new works make use of materials commonly found in local construction such as timber, recycled brick, glass and concrete. Sliding Doors cleverly uses these materials in oversized proportions which gives the space a sense of generosity not historically afforded to a bungalow. The high ceilings are timber lined, to ensure the space feels warm and inviting even in the large rooms. The kitchen receives natural task light from a large skylight, which balances the use of recycled brick internally and helps the space feel bright.”