Project posted by Jose Juan Rivera Rio

Sierra Leona House

House (Single Residence)


Interior Design
Nasser Malek

From Jose Juan Rivera Rio

Located in a residential area on the outskirts of the city of Mexico, in the colonia Lomas de Chapultepec.

The house rests on a plane to 2.50 metres above the level of the street in its lower part, developed at the center of the field, giving rise to a courtyard in front and a garden at the back.

Apparent simplicity and exquisite details this house is resolved with flat roofs between a courtyard and a garden in which ambiguously intersect interior and exterior facings which stand out clearly the constructive system based on concrete, glass, and steel.

This residence was built with the characteristic style of the architecture of the years 60´s inspired by functionalism.

The program includes two levels on the access platform and a basement which is accessed from the bottom of the street, this leading to the parking lot.

Neutral colours and fleeting reflections on glass are at the service of comfort and design, to gardening camouflages the borders and builds a landscape and atmosphere of privacy.

From the entrance to the house of serenity and calm are the dominant note in the great social space formed by room living to be linked with the terrace enjoying views towards it and the landscaping that surrounds it.

Wood in all floor the house, except in services and outdoor, provides an environment of contrasting warmth with the rigidity of the terrace that flows over a marble floor.

Social areas are located on the lower level and the upper the nocturnal and private. You have the room on the lower level and a “family area" where both live closely with the terrace. While in the rear is the dining room and the kitchen where both closely alongside the garden.

The upper level houses four bedrooms with bathroom and dressing room each and access to balconies, two of them facing the garden and the other two facing the terrace, so that makes green have views from all areas.

The house can be seen as the simplest and at the same time the more complex, as a landscape carrying its inhabitants from the mundane to a place of privacy, in a succession of spaces that are always discovered in an indirect way, mainly on the return.