The usual private sector on the outskirts of Dzerzhinsk: wooden houses, smoking chimneys, chicken coops blackened from time to time, cleaned gardens. A two-storey house with a black facade and a sloping ceilings stands out from the usual rustic scenery. There is nothing similar nearby. Architects believe that thanks to this house, other buildings on the street will gradually begin to transform. And then on the neighboring ones. We looked at another example of modern architecture and talked with its creators about the emergence of the fashion for "evil houses".

It is not the first year that they have been building houses with dark facades in Belarus (to recall at least the atmospheric black house of architect Evgeny Daineko), but only now it is no longer something beyond the norm.

- Previously, people were very afraid of black, feared that the house would be too gloomy. But now this fear is over, and that's good, say the founders of Zrobym Architects.

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