London-based design studio PINCH, founded by Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon has opened its first shop.

Having spent 13 years building an exceptional portfolio, PINCH will now bring its coveted furniture to the capital’s most characterful and burgeoning interiors district. Located on Bourne Street, the shop, which once belonged to influential cookery writer Elizabeth David, will showcase the studio’s collection of carefully refined yet iconic designs including cabinetry, upholstery and lighting, all of which will be rotated on a regular basis.

‘What we love about the area is that everyone is united by their appreciation of quality, and a passion for what they do, be that architecture, antiques or interior design’ says creative director Oona Bannon. ‘Our dedication to perfecting our designs, developing and maintaining quality standards, seeking out the best materials and creating strong relationships with our makers means that historically, we have always been very product focused, but a little bit under the radar. What the shop will allow us to do is to lift our furniture off the pages of magazines, to really let customers to get close to the pieces, and to feel and appreciate their materiality. It will also help us bring our story to a much wider audience.’
That story is one of longevity, and the quiet yet distinct pieces PINCH produces are created to endure, not only structur- ally but stylistically too. Renowned for a design style with its base in classicism yet rendered with a modern architectural rigour, their lightness of touch is reflected in the airy retail space, and simply-styled, classic shop-window frontage.

Putting quality first is a genuine priority for the studio, and they will be continuing their commitment to using the finest materials and working with the most skilled craftsmen. The premises will also serve as a hub where new clients as well as loyal customers will be able to seek personal assistance if they wish to commission bespoke versions of portfolio pieces, or customize designs to their own specification. There is also a substantial amount of stock readily available with no lead time.

Speaking about joining the Pimlico community, designer Russell Pinch says, ‘what’s exciting is that the space will allow us to curate our designs and to present our products as a collection. Most importantly though, we want customers to really engage with the furniture and to experience it first hand, which is something that’s not always been possible before.’

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