Project posted by Yoshihara McKee Architects

Photographer's Loft

From Yoshihara McKee Architects

This spacious ground floor apartment is located in a dense commercial area with limited light coming from street side windows and a rear skylight. To make the situation worse, the existing spaghetti of ductwork and ceiling hung AC units made the interior very dark.

We proposed eliminating all of the full height walls to take advantage of the limited light and create a continuous flow of space that allows the light to travel deeply into the space. Instead of the typical division of the apartment into smaller rooms dedicated to a single function; a long, low folded wall extends from the master bedroom to the master bathroom. The front side of the wall defines the open living room and behind it is the private area; a gallery of closets connecting the bedroom to the bathroom. Lights are located at the top of the wall and above the bathroom mixing with and reinforcing the natural light.

Interior walls are defined as a series of edge lit planes, the white surfaces washed in light. The bathrooms are a play on transparency, glass tiles, a glass “skylight and transparent walls. The glow of light from the skylight is visible from the entry door, welcoming you to explore the space.