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Patio House

House (Single Residence)


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Bloot Architecture
Ossip van Duivenbode

From Leibal

Patio House is a minimalist residence located in Velp, the Netherlands, designed by Bloot Architecture. The villa is located on the edge of the National Park Veluwezoom Nature Park. The house is detached from the many small rooms and has been reduced to a number of bright spaces and has a concrete extension with patio. The different spaces are in open connection with each other, yet the separate spaces retain their own intimate atmosphere. The patio, the minimal use of partition walls and the enlargement of windows and passages in the existing façade ensure optimum accumulation of daylight and sight lines between the different interior and exterior spaces, so that the different spaces flow smoothly. The concrete band in the façade of the original house retains its characteristic determination in the house. Similar to the underside of this existing tire, the underside of the new (green sewned) concrete roof of the extension extends. The existing tire has only a height of 2.3 meters from floor to bottom bar. In order to create more height, the expansion has been placed in the ground so that the expansion is sunk in the garden and naturally nestles in the area.