Designed with Floridian sensibilities, this bright loft gives an otherwise industrial space some warmth.

Home to restauranteur and dog hotel owner Julio Isaza, the space epitomizes the low maintenance and breeziness of quintessential Floridian living. The original loft was about 90-percent gutted to make room for an approximately 3,400-square-foot place for entertainment, work and relaxation.

"Functionality, practicality and elegance are always on my mind. The ultimate goal is to create spatial harmony based on color, textures, et cetera," explains Carlos Casteñada of 2C Design. Featuring a carefully curated array of furniture, Casteñada’s design merges the practicality of industrial elements with the luxury of softer whitewashed touches.

The downstairs offers an assortment of places and ways to entertain - the kitchen, two living room schema and a dining room table designed by Camilo Prada for Weston Wood Works.

The warped wooden wall backing the living room not only visually counterbalances the coldness of the steel and glass, but also reduces reverbation throughout the entire loft.

A row of Nahtrang pendant lights creates an axis, anchored by the enormous custom bookcase framing the dining room artwork. The seating at lower left is the ASA Armchair by Bernardo Senna; the dining table charis are by Martin Ballendat for Anima Domus.

Everything from lighting to curtains to video and audio can be controlled from a smartphone, enhancing the loft’s sense of effortless elegance.

A classic piece like this Eames lounge chair appears dressed down next to a hammock in the office space. Also featured are wooden office chairs by Norman Cherner.

Casteñada explains, “Everything starts with an interview that I personally conduct with the owner in order to understand his lifestyle and expectations. The final result needs to satisfy the owner’s lifestyle, dreams and expectations, as well as my firm’s vision and design concepts.”

Balcony views and large sliding glass doors add to the tranquil airiness of the master bedoom.


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