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Gagliano del Capo, Apulia, Italy
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Palazzo Daniele in Puglia pays tribute to a rich Neoclassical heritage.

The idyllic region of Puglia in Southern Italy is dotted with farms, beaches, and trulli—iconic stone houses crowned with cone-shaped roofs. Amid this picturesque backdrop is Palazzo Daniele, a 158-year-old building converted into a posh, nine-suite boutique hotel.

Exquisite detailing abounds in the parlor.

Palazzo Daniele's front entrance. Its mid 19th-century Neoclassical architecture is common to the region, which is also known for Baroque and Byzantine structures.

Palazzo Daniele's stunning courtyard. In the distance is the circular-domed Kaffeehaus, a one-time aristocratic hangout where guests can now savor candle-lit dinners.

Another glimpse of the courtyard. On the grounds there is lush landscaping, including orange trees, that evoke the Mediterranean.

A bright, well-preserved fresco covers the ceiling of the airy common room.

The suites exude a calm, monastic air.

All the suites effortlessly juxtapose history and modernity.

"The walls are all done up with local finishes, painted with lime and various pigments from the region," says Gabriele Salini, Palazzo Daniele's co-owner.

The quirky, pastel-hued living room inside the Suite Apartment, which comprises an entire wing of the palazzo and includes three bedrooms and baths as well as a dining room and private kitchen.

A ceiling fresco and mosaic floor steal the limelight in the Royal Junior suite.

Reminiscent of an art installation, the rain shower in the Royal Junior suite cascades from a nearly 20-foot-high ceiling into a basin designed by Italian artist Andrea Sala.

To maximize the property's connection to the outdoors, the kitchen was moved to a formerly neglected storage area and opened onto the gardens.

Concrete stairs lead from the kitchen to the pool area. A peekaboo perforated screen crafted from black metal allows guests to see the activity unfolding inside.

The pool, seen through the arched entryway of the kitchen.


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