The concept of this project all began with the living and dining space. We looked at which space within a home is most defining, and without a doubt it would be the living and dining space; because it is not just a space for yourself but a space for people you care for.

We didn’t want a design that revealed everything at a glance, but rather allow the viewer to be on a journey to experience all the subtleties of the design through time.

The living space culture has become a place for “self-entertainment.” We wanted the living space to once again be a space for social entertainment, a place that encourages people to talk and be comfortable. We have created an intimate living space by centralizing the furniture and using an oversize art piece that encourages people to share experiences. In this open space we have created intimacy with the use of wall paneling and a brass screen to give a sense of privacy. The dining space is a continuation of this wellbeing. To us, the dining space is meant to feel effortless with natural comfort and beauty. The dining space is designed with care and created for the wellbeing of yourself and others. We have designed a bespoke dining table reflecting traditional Chinese values. A round table symbolizes equality and unity. The feature wall is made with traditional bricks used in Chinese village houses. It is characterized by its varying grey hues contrast by the bespoke display system which is made from reclaimed elm wood. The honest and simple use of materials create a sense of peacefulness and harmony; the symphony of both the furniture and materials create an ethereal feeling that enhances the sense of mental wellbeing.

The interior photography was our own unique way of showing the viewers what we felt. We didn’t want people to just see our project visually, but feel how we fe​​lt. We produced a short film in still photography that helps the viewers feel the same emotions that we felt through our design journey.

// Twenty'o Eight Designs Ltd //
a Hong Kong Design Studio


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