A whole flat rehabilitation in a old building of the Born area. It is about transforming a small, compartmentalized floor in an open airy space.

The original distribution of the house disappears but the values of all the traditional elements of the housing in Born is preserved and kept: the mosaic floor, ceiling beams, the woodworks … Some of these elements has changed of use, such as old doors reused to transform into a bed head cabinet.

The open space becomes luminous. The original materials are revalued and contrasts with modern materials.

The kitchen occupies the central space of the house. It is designed to get away as far as possible from the idea of a traditional kitchen furniture. Lacquered furniture in white blends into the walls. The kitchen island is designed to be a central dining table floating from the floor, from wood and iron, fleeing far from the conventional image of kitchen islands.

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Living Room

Operable Panels

Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

Operable Wall

Operable Wall






  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2015